Centre Information

Free WiFi

Free Wi Fi is available in and around the Food Court area of the Centre.

Armaguard ATM

Campsie Centre have the following ATM’s for your convenience: Commonwealth Bank located in Food Court and in front of Campsie Giland ANZ located on Amy St Entry Ramp St George located on Amy St Entry Ramp

Parents Room

Campsie Centre offers a Parents Room, located on Lower Ground near the ladies toilet, with two private feeding rooms, changing staon and children’s toilet.

Children’s Play Area Level One

There are two areas for children to enjoy themselves when visiting Campsie Centre.

Please ensure you read the terms and conditions when using this area.

Campsie Library Knowledge and Centre

The main Library entrance is located on Amy Street.

Visit the recently refurbished Library and Knowledge Centre, to see the many opportunities our local community has with this among resource.

JP Services at Library

NSW Justices Association provides a JP Services at the Library Phone 02 9789 9423.

Lost Property

Lost Property is located at the Centre Management Office on Level One Phone 02 9704 6200 or Email campsiecentre@savills.com.au


Security can be contracted on 0402 072 757 during all operating hours of the Centre.

Disabled Access

Disabled customers are catered for at Campsie Centre with allocated disabled parking, wheelchair access to ramps, lis and disabled toilet.


Wheelchairs available from Centre Management.

Should you have a friend or relatives that could benefit from using a wheelchair whilst shopping please book in at Centre Management Phone: (02) 9704 6200 or Email: campsiecentre@savills.com.au

You will need to leave a current drivers licence during the time of the booking.

Car Parking Over 600 Places

The Car Park is accessible from either Evaline Street or Amy Street.

The first three (3) Hours is free.

Simply drive slowly through the entrance and the boom gate will automatically lift to allow entry. If you have been with us less than 3 hours simply go straight to the exit and the gate will lift for your exit.

If you have been over then you need to go to a PAY STATION (one on every floor) put in your registration number pay the charge which automatically update for when you leave just drive out.